NAHS Hockey Legends


Olivia Mistretta, Senior Staff Editor

With the winter season over, it’s time to see how our NAHS teams finished! First up is the hockey team. The boys had a great season, winning nine games and making lots of great memories with their team. I was lucky enough to meet with two senior members of the team who told me about their experience: The legendary Eddie Walters and Sean Golon! 

First, we have to talk about Eddie and his amazing achievements this season. From his amazing skill on the ice to his devotion to his team, Eddie has had a pretty awesome season. The cornerstone of his achievement came in the form of being recognized as one of the best hockey players in the state! He told me in our interview that he has been playing hockey since he was five and it clearly shows how deep of a love he has for the sport. So, what is his favorite memory of this past season? 

“Winning our first playoff game.  This was the first time the varsity team went to a playoff game and won in the Gordon Cup playoffs,” Eddie told us. 

Now how about his partner in crime on the ice, Sean Golon? After also starting hockey at the age of five, Sean has made some pretty amazing scores this season, and his favorite moment when the team beat their biggest rival, “We won against Dayton, the top team in our whole league.” In total the boys won nine games, and both Eddie and Sean echoed that they would love to play in college if at all possible.

“If I find a school with a hockey team, I’d love to play,” said Golon. “I’m looking to play in college. If they have a hockey team, I’ll try out and try to join them,” remarked Walters.

So aside from the thrill of being out on the ice, were there any noteworthy traditions or special moments the team shared?

Sean told me about their go-to pregame snack: “Saltines, it became a tradition. A whole sleeve of saltines.”

“And clementines,” Eddie added, “We started bringing boxes of crackers and eating them on the bus. We would try to fit seven in our mouths, the back of the bus was full of crumbs. It was pretty crazy.”

Finally, what was it like to play on a team with kids from other towns? Was it hard to bond with all their teammates? 

“Definitely not,” Eddie told me, Sean nodding along in agreement, “I thought it was a lot of fun, we got to meet new kids from Secaucus and Kearny. We clicked right away, 100%.”

Congratulations are definitely in order, even with the season being over. The boys did a spectacular job this season, and we wish them the best of luck in college!