NAHS Competition Cheerleading Season


The NAHS Competition Cheerleading Season has come to a victorious yet bittersweet end. Coach Cavallaro and coach Eng have used their experience to make cheerleading more impactful than ever in North Arlington High School. 

This was the first year that featured a mini-meet competition held at and hosted by North Arlington High School. In addition, the team participated in 12 competitions throughout the season. Some locations include Lyndhurst, Saddle Brook, Secaucus and more. 

Season’s 2023 captains were Alex Nogueras(junior), Raven Taormina(junior), Naiya Singleton(junior), and Katherine Lind(sophomore). Shawn Wilson acted as the team manager, encouraging and bringing positivity into the cheer setting. 

Entered in the all music small group division, the girls traveled to local competitions in an attempt to collect more trophies. First place wins were secured at places such as The Golden Bears Invitational and at Garfield. The Athletes finished off their season with a second place trophy at West Orange High School. Join us back next year for the 2024 season!