Fashion Trends of 2020 Going Into 2021

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Amy Roufaeil , Staff Writer

Bored of the same outfits lingering in your closet? If you’ve taken a look at your wardrobe recently and thought “It’s time for a shopping spree”, you’re in luck because I am about to tell you the top fashion trends of 2020-2021 that you can style affordably and quickly. One look that is most likely unfamiliar to the younger audiences that was primarily popular during the Fall/Winter season is the Bohemian chic. This style is a kind of “hippie” and bourgeoisie fashionable-luxe mix, leaving you with a chic beauty and a hint of folky twist. Additionally, a few trends that you should be fairly familiar with are the biker, ruffles, silver, capes, matrix, velvet, and extreme fringing (shown below). 

Spring-Summer of 2020-2021 fashion looks include shoes worn over pants, oversized Victorian sleeves, mini faux leather coats, pastel bucket hats, faux leather jumpsuits, boilersuits, square-toed heels, bucket-style bags, and oversized gold chain necklaces. You may wrap a pair of strappy heels around the knees of your jeans, pants, or slacks, whether you’re commuting to the workplace or having a brunch with friends. A matching vest, coat, or an off-the-shoulder blouse would complete the style. Taking it back in its Victorian-inspired sleeves to the 19th century, the shirts’ bulky form provides the appearance of a slimmer waist and brings to your outfit an immediate feminine touch. 

Keep yourself cozy and warm in a luxurious leather coat as the weather changes. These long-line pieces are great for you if you prefer to look elegant and high fashion, or funky with a grunge twist. Block out the heat as the temperature goes back up, and do so in style with a pastel bucket hat. During every season of the year, a cute and fashionable necklace looks impressive and is so flexible that you can wear it with almost anything. By rocking a pleather jumpsuit, you can elevate the whole wardrobe. These lightweight and edgy one-pieces from one ensemble serve as a whole wardrobe, and are so adorable that you can rock them at any function! 

A belt bag and stylish boots or sandals complete the look.   With a square-toe style, put a twist on the conventional heel. Although it always lengthens your thighs, it gives a special touch in a particular way to your outfit. In a bucket bag, secure your items in style, originated in 1932 by Louis Vuitton to keep champagne fresh, they’re the latest trend in accessories today. These handbags provide a lot of space with a long body and a round shape, and they are adorable. An accessory that never goes out of fashion is a gold chain, especially an oversized one. 

No matter where you’re going, these accessories complement every ensemble. It’s time for the finest streetwear from the fashion capitals to be influenced! There’s a myriad of looks for everybody’s personal style, from classic pieces with an updated twist to new tailoring. Get ready to refresh your closet with the coolest 2020 – 2021 fashion trends.