Is Harry Potter Being Remade?

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Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

The Harry Potter movie series by J.K. Rowling has been a favorite for many people since the first book came out in 1997 and its popularity has only grown since then. The movies have grossed over $7 billion worldwide  and fans have purchased countless merchandise. The franchise even has its own attraction in Universal Parks. The last movie was released in 2011 and is now being rebooted by HBO.

HBO announced that they are currently working on a television series planned to be released on HBO Max. In the original movies, J.K. Rowling was a producer and she will be taking the same role in the creation of the new series. It has been claimed that the new series will display a greater accuracy to the books and include most of the details that the movies didn’t fully explore or left out completely. To add, there has been no release date or potential cast announced yet. 

This remake has been extremely controversial between fans of the series. Some view it as an opportunity to see new actors’ representation of the characters, a more accurate story, and a chance to re-experience the story for the first time. In contrast, some fans see the new show as simply an effort to make money and think it is too soon to remake the show so soon after the source material was released. No matter how fans feel, the reboot offers an opportunity to expand the story and allow others to experience Hogwarts in a totally new yet familiar way.