Stick Season by Noah Kahan

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Noah Kahan is an American folk/pop songwriter and singer that has recently gained popularity across social media. In his senior year of high school, Kahan started releasing singles online with the help of a friend; but before releasing his third song he was picked up by Republic Records. Recently the news of his newly released album has gone viral on many platforms, including Tik Tok. 

The new album, Stick Season, details Kahan’s experience and emotions in response to life in a small town in New England. The album features titles such as Northern Attitude, Orange Juice, Halloween, and New Perspective. Throughout the album, he explores everyday occurrences such as the opening of a Target store downtown in the hopes of making his music relatable to the life of the audience. Currently the album has hit #14 on Billboard Top 200 Chart, #4 on Billboard’s Top Alternative Albulms Chart, #5 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albulms Charts, and has remained on the top ten on many other charts. The new album offers listeners an opportunity to connect the lyrics to their own lives and relate to his message. 

This album exceeded the expectations I held before listening. Kahan ignored his pop roots and created an album resembling the folk genre that’s full of emotion. Overall, this is a fantastic album choice for anyone looking for a new favorite.