The Sudden Death of Leslie Jordan


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Well known actor and beloved comedian, Leslie Jordan, has passed away. Jordan was involved in a car accident on Monday, October 24, 2022. This occurred in the morning, and took place in Hollywood. Jordan was pronounced dead at the scene. Leslie’s gifts of spreading joy to those he touched, his capacity to relate to people of all ages, his humility, generosity, and sweetness will be dearly missed by all. 

According to his agent, Sarabeth Schedeen, Leslies was “not only a huge talent and a pleasure to work with, but he also offered the country an emotional haven during one of its most trying moments.” 

His agent went on to say that his magnificence “as a son, brother, artist, comedian, partner and human being. son, brother, artist, comic, partner, and human made up for his figure” – referring to the actor’s height. 

His recurring part as Karen’s friend Beverley Leslie on “Will & Grace” made him a fan favorite. Additionally, he made cameos in “The Cool Kids” and “American Horror Story.” At the height of the pandemic, when his social media presence on Instagram took off and he attracted millions of followers, his celebrity shone even brighter. 

Through the lens of comedy, Jordan used the platform to communicate about his hardships, past experiences, and family tales, many of which involved his cherished mother. As he was loved by many, he made a great impact on the people around him.