Winter Sports Awards 2019

Elena Yared, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, March 8, NAHS hosted the Winter Sports Awards. All the athletes were present along with their respective coaches, friends and family. Not only has this season been a fun time for everyone, it’s also been a record-breaking season for our athletes, with new high scores and trips to state championships. Our athletic director, Mr. Aronowitz, addressed all and expressed how incredibly proud he is of our athletes and the work they’ve put in to make this season great.

After his speech, the teams split up to get their JV and varsity awards. For some of the seniors on varsity teams, like Zaeem Khan and Francesca Petrullo (Track), Gianna Gugliuzza and Brianna Ugaz (Cheer), Matt Lynch and Zachary Young (Basketball), and so many others, this was their last winter sports awards. They’ve all made an impressive and significant impact on our teams, and will be leaving behind great teammates for the years to come. Congratulations to all of our athletes!

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