The NAHS Book Club Is Back

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Reading is an activity that is commonly done in solitude; however, having someone to speak with about a book is an opportunity to exchange thoughts on a shared experience. The opportunity to do such things at NAHS has returned and welcomes all readers. 

At its meetings once a month, the book club compares readers’ reactions and interpretations on the chosen book. Books are chosen at the monthly meeting.  

The book choice remains completely up to the students involved in the club and is discussed each meeting in order to find a selection satisfactory to all members. The September pick is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and should be finished by the date of the next meeting on October 26th. 

The book club offers students the opportunity to read a novel with fellow students just for pure enjoyment. Please join us at our next meeting and contact Mrs. Ingannamorte with any questions.