Movie Review: Into The Spider-Verse

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Editor

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It is no secret that things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe haven’t been going well for Spider-Man, especially after Avengers: Infinity War. What is the best solution to cure the post-Infinity War blues? A bunch of cute cartoon Spider-people, of course! The animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is obviously a very different movie than the many live-action Marvel films released in the past few years. The story revolves around Miles Morales, a young 13-year old from Brooklyn, New York. His tale is very similar to that of the first Spider-Man, Peter Parker, in that he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains powers from the venom.

This isn’t the average Spider-Man movie, though. After the death of the first Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the movie, Miles has to step up as the new protector of New York City. The infamous villain Kingpin and his dimensional portal machine must be stopped! Not only this, but other spider-people sucked into the portal machine are now stuck in the wrong dimension. Eventually, Miles meets up with them and discovers that they have to return to their own dimensions soon since they can’t exist in his for very long. As a result, Miles is the only one who can turn off Kingpin’s machine.

Without giving away the rest of the plot, I will say that I recommend this movie for a lot of reasons. Aside from the superhero-style plot, Miles is just a really enjoyable character- the main reason being that he is someone a lot of younger Marvel fans can relate to. He is biracial, speaks two languages, has some trouble connecting with his parents, and has to adjust to a new and more elite school. These are all struggles that many teenagers have, so Miles is definitely a relatable character for the audience. As he progresses through the movie and goes through the classic hero-arc, Miles is able to see his world in a different light. With all of the practice and experience, he is sure to be the next Spider-Man that New York needs.

I give this movie an 8/10 and suggest this movie for anyone looking to see more of Miles’ character outside of the comics or just a cute, inclusive, well-drawn, cartoon Marvel movie that has a guaranteed happy ending.

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