Hotel Magnifique – Book Review

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Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

The idea of traveling the world has enticed many from the beginning of mankind. Hotel Magnifique by Emily J Taylor, allows the reader to contemplate the possibility of a hotel that changes location every night and allows its guests to explore places they never would have. However, this hotel is hosting a dark secret that its main character can’t help but get herself entangled in. 

Jani has always dreamed of leaving her home with her sister and returning to the place they grew up, but with limited resources that dream seems impossible – until Hotel Magnifique hires Jani and her sister. Although it seems like a dream come true for Jani, she soon finds discomfort in the way no one can answer any of her questions and her newfound friend, Belle, is warning her against certain things without explanation. When Jani discovers that contracts have loopholes and not everything is as it seems within the hotel and her fellow employees, she takes it upon herself to expose the truth. 

The hotel was vividly described and was an amazing setting for the events that unfold. As the book progresses, the reader becomes more invested in the hotel and the inner workings of such a place, especially as more of the details are revealed about how the hotel works. However, the characters were hard to get attached to so as the book progressed I found myself not caring about what happened to them which impacted my enjoyment of the novel. Overall, the hotel is the perfect setting but the inability to connect with the characters greatly changed my reading experience. I hope to see another book with a similar setting but executed differently in the future.