Junior Ring Night


Image Credit: latimes.com

Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

As members of the junior class approach senior year and eventually graduation,  they have the opportunity to participate in many activities exclusive to their class. Ring night is one of those events. Students had their choice of customized rings to be treasured far past graduation.  The presentation of rings has become an opportunity to connect with their fellow classmates in anticipation of being high school seniors.

This year the ceremony was held in the cafeteria on November 22nd and began with speeches from Ibrahim Gabr, the class president, and Charlize Ofray, the vice president. Both of the speakers noted that the rings represent the memories created at NAHS leading up to graduation. Furthermore, the rings are initially worn so the words can be read by the one wearing it; however, it is important to note that at graduation the rings will be turned away from the graduates signifying they have  moved on from high school. 

This year’s ring night is one that the students won’t forget anytime soon and has given them memories to cherish. Participating in these events, which mark the end of one’s school career, will influence how students view their high school experience in the coming years. We wish to see everyone at all other events which mark becoming an upperclassmen and eventually graduating!