2022 Early College Students – BCC Graduation


The time finally came for the Bergen Community College graduates as they made their way to the stage. After two years of staying home with risks and regulations, graduations are now somewhat back to normal. As this is a time of outstanding achievements and successes, many other colleges and universities are also conducting graduation ceremonies. 

On May 19th, The North Arlington Class of 2022 Early College dual enrollment students attended their graduation from Bergen Community College. 

While going through a challenging two years, this accomplishment is one to be remembered. As these graduates worked diligently both virtually and in-person,  they finally were rewarded for their efforts. Early College students earned an Associates Degree in the Liberal Arts Program. 

Attempting college classes while in high school is quite a challenge. This is extremely important to the students because it is considered a huge milestone in life.

Congratulations to all of the graduating classes of 2022, and more importantly, the North Arlington Class of 2022 Early College Program students: Marisa Baamonde, Sofia Barros, Pegi Bracaj, Olivia Correia, Gabriel deLeon, Madison Del Sontro, Peyton Esposito, Steven Gongora, Natalie Herrmann, Amelia Kearney, Carli Muniz, Gloria Perez, Amy Roufaeil, Christopher Sanchez and Zoe Silva.