NATO and The European Union Support Ukraine

Image Credits: via Creative Commons

President Biden has reassured NATO allies that the US supports all efforts for keeping Ukraine a sovereign country. He made sure that US troops already stationed in Europe are present in countries bordering Ukraine. NATO forces are active to ensure that Russia does not advance into any countries belonging to NATO. 

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many families have chosen to cross over into bordering countries to avoid the danger of war. Places like Poland are being filled with Ukrainian refugees who need shelter and food. Other nations in the European Union are also receiving Ukrainian refugees on a daily basis and offering them a new place to live. 

Meanwhile, sanctions on Russia have been implemented causing a decline in their economy. These sanctions come at a high price not just for Russia and its citizens, but for other world countries as well. For instance, oil prices have been significantly increasing since the beginning of the conflict. Countries that rely on oil from Russia have been negatively affected so much that common citizens are having a difficult time paying for gas.  

The Ukrainian president has requested that a “No Fly Zone” be implemented over Ukrainian territory; however, NATO and members of the European Union have not agreed thus far. Most world leaders want the two nations, Russia and Ukraine, to fully engage in more peace talks so that the lives of millions can return to normal. Undoubtedly, the US and its allies are doing everything possible to end this war.