Helping Those in Need

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As the tragedies in Ukraine continue, many are making an attempt in finding new ways to help and make a contribution. Jose Andres, a Spanish chef and restaurateur, is founder of the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen. The program was founded in 2010 as a way of providing meals in the event of natural disasters. Through his efforts, millions of meals have been donated to those in a dire time of need. 

In Ukraine, the World Central Kitchen opened its first station on February 24, 2022 within hours of the invasion. Andres is adamant about facing the current food predicament right away, “When you talk about food and water, people don’t want a solution one week from now, one month from now. The solution has to be now.”

Locations such as Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and Romania are being provided with meals through the program. In addition, kitchens have been set up around eight border crossings and staff centers throughout Ukraine. Jose Andres’ notoriety as a chef has enabled him to raise awareness resulting in donations for not only the people of Ukraine, but people around the world.