Diversity During Thanksgiving


Image Credit: publicdomainpictures.net

Elyssa Veluz, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated not only in the United States but in several other countries.  Global cultures show gratitude while spending this holiday with family and friends – one commonality they share with the United States. Nonetheless, there are some contrasts in the traditional celebrations of Thanksgiving, including the meals prepared for the occasion. 

The food and events vary depending on the country particularly in Germany, Liberia, Japan, Norfolk Island, Grenada, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few. 

In Germany, the holiday is named “Erntedankfest” which translates to harvest festival of thanks. People usually take fruit and flowers to church. In Liberia, churches often auction baskets which contain papaya and mangoes. In addition to that, Liberians serve spicy roasted chicken along with mashed cassavas. 

In Japan, Thanksgiving is called Kinro Kanshi No Hi, and it is a day when children give thank you cards to police officers. Norfolk Island celebrates this holiday by decorating the churches with flowers and fruits. Grenada invites soldiers to dine as a way of saying thank you, and in Puerto Rico, Thanksgiving is spent traditionally; however, instead of turkey, roast pork can be a more popular option. 

Although there may be different traditions and events, the fact still remains that Thanksgiving is celebrated globally and it is indeed the perfect time to cherish the precious moments spent with family and friends.