Class Night 2021


Photo Credit: Brian Kataro

Class Night is a memorable night that is “esteemed with tradition” according to NAHS Vice Principal, Mr. Kenny. What gave the night its identity is the fact that it is the first part of the seniors’ grand farewell before they move on to the great beyond of college, jobs, or elsewhere. 

The special night kicked off with a few Executive Board members, Katherine Lasek, Anna Lasek, and Nicholas Rotondo, saying a few words to students and guests. The event then moved on to Mr. Kenny giving one of the final “Good Evening, Vikings!” battle cries before we depart. This was followed by the announcement of “who’s who” winners revealed by Alyssa Buccheri and Laura Guglielmelli. In particular, Eric Henderson won the “Most Likely To Become President” and “Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day” awards while Umair won the “Most Likely To Succeed” and “Class Scholar” awards. 

Next, the ceremonial “passing of the torch,” or key was performed and Brian Kataro, the vice president of Class of 2022, received the key on the behalf of his class. Then, the students gave flowers to the most influential people in their lives like parents, guardians, and students in a humorous fashion. Receiving flowers was an emotional time especially for parents. 

Of course, the Biliteracy Seal winners were given their recognition minutes before the actual ceremony. They gathered on a stage and exhibited the seal on their diplomas, telling its witnesses that they officially speak another language besides English. One of the seal’s recipients, Fausto Martinez, said” I had a great time the whole night. It’s great knowing we were given the chance to spend time with our friends on our last days of high school, especially after all the limitations from the pandemic. I think watching a movie and talking with my friends was what made the night very memorable, an amazing moment to keep our friendships strong.”

Soon, the slideshow and movies were set up. The cacophony of students huddling as close to the inflated screen as possible was an unmistakable fact that this was the final time students got to socialize without a care in the world, almost as if they were back in in-person learning. 

According to Umair Khan, the Class Scholar, “It was really nice to have a late hangout organized by the class. I was really glad to be able to chill with my friends on the turf at night. The fact that it was at night made it quite unique.”  Because this was the first time a film showing was done outside, the crowd excruciatingly waited until the sun was low enough for the screen to be visible. 

When the sky was dark enough, The Great Showman became visible and everyone huddled together and ate provided snacks while catching up on their latest shenanigans. In short, Class Night was a tremendous opportunity for the Class of 2021 to be the Class of 2021 a final time.