End of Year Activities


Brian Kataro, Senior Staff Editor

At the conclusion of every school year, students can look forward to some special events designated to create and produce fond memories of their time in high school. Despite this year’s extraordinary circumstances, given that restrictions are slowly beginning to ease in the US, some classic moments and events were able to still take place — most notably Ring Night, the Junior Barbecue, and Prom Night.

First up is the age-old tradition of Junior Ring Night, which has been instituted in NAHS for as long as the administration can remember. The event — located at the High School — began with speeches made by Dr. Yurchak, Mr. Bott, and Mr. Kenny — each speaking on the importance of traditions, the pivotal milestone in nearing Senior year, and their memories of ring night, respectively. 

Additionally, a warm welcome was given to the administration and guests by Class of 2022 President Carolina Mejia and a speech on the traditions of Ring Night by VP Brian Kataro. Remarks were also made by Jostens Representative Mr. Manchur regarding the significance of the rings and the memories that are held within them. Finally, the students who received rings were able to don their new pieces of jewelry in the presence of their peers, friends, and family members. Class of 2022 advisors, Mrs. Albuquerque and Mrs. Hughes, ended the night by thanking all of the attendees! 

The Junior Class also found themselves enjoying their very own barbecue as a celebration for reaching the end of their third year of High School and a last hoorah before becoming seniors. The night was certainly one to remember, as music blasted well into the night while students enjoyed their fair share of assorted foods. As a call to the upcoming summer, many took to playing volleyball, football, or racing on the track at “Rip” Collins Field. – Overseen by Class Advisors Mrs. Albuquerque and Mrs. Hughes as well as Mr. Bott and Mr. Kenny, the night was full of great memories and warm, summer vibes.

Finally, there is the classic tradition of Prom – which is often one of the highlights of students’ memories of their time in school. Taking place outdoors at The Brownstone this year, seniors took the opportunity to dress their best in a night to remember. Complemented with a scenic venue and a cool summer night, they danced the night away. 

Prom Royalty was announced and broadcasted to all of the partygoers –  students on the court were: Patrick Higgins & Katelyn Molina; Kyle Padeiro & Jordyn Nelson; Jared Velazquez & Marissa McCarthy; and Nicholas Rotondo & Ashleigh Chang.  The royals of the night were Prom King Eric Henderson & Prom Queen Anna Lasek — Congratulations everyone on your titles, and cheers to an amazing night!