A Homecoming Like No Other


Stephanie Zhang, Junior Staff Editor

Even during a pandemic, the Class of 2021 is trying to preserve some of its many traditions to make this year a memorable one for its seniors. While there was no official Homecoming Dance, the Class of 2021 did have a crowning ceremony for its Homecoming Royalty. First, in order to be considered, students had to write an essay detailing the qualities they possess that makes them ideal to become part of the Court, King, or Queen. After the essays were submitted, a poll of all the candidates was created and distributed for the entire class to vote. The top 5 candidates of each category would then be invited to attend the crowning ceremony, where they would find out who would be crowned King and Queen.

The long awaited crowning ceremony took place on October 22nd at Rip Collins Field. Chairs were set up distanced across the field and each candidate was allowed to bring four guests, provided that everyone wore masks. Everyone else could watch the ceremony through a livestream. Mr. Mills, the Master of Ceremonies, introduced the court: Katherine Lasek, Aidan Hughes, Jordyn Nelson, Nicholas Rotondo, Mackenzie Fitzgerald, Julian Grullon, Cassandra Servitis, Panagiotis Ziakos, and Katelyn Molina. As candidates were called, they walked up to their seats, where a rose and a sash laid waiting for them. This proceeded until there were two candidates left: Jared Velazquez, and Sydney Ciampitti, who were crowned King and Queen. 

Overall, the Homecoming Crowning Ceremony was a success. Considering the circumstances, the class advisors, Ms. Valle and Ms. Nogueira, as well as Mrs. Barber, Mr. Bott, and Mr. Aronowitz all did a great job organizing the event. As Homecoming Court Member Nick Rotondo put it, “Even though this year will break many of the traditions we hold at NAHS, tonight was an amazing ceremony that I will remember for the rest of my life. It is such an amazing feeling to know that they have our best interests in mind and want us to experience the senior year to the fullest.” Thanks to the administration and advisors for allowing this event to happen and a very special congratulations to Homecoming King and Queen, Jared Velazquez and Sydney Ciampitti, along with the rest of the court!