Homemade Cards for Healthcare Workers


Stephanie Zhang, Staff Writer

The SADD and Interact club is calling for students to make digital cards, notes, and/or letters that will be given to hospital employees who are battling the coronavirus pandemic. The cards will be sent to nearby health facilities such as Hackensack Medical Center, Holy Name Hospital, NAVES, and Clara Mass Hospital. 

According to Mrs. Gagliano, who is in charge of this noteworthy initiative, the time to complete the cards is unlimited – cards will continue being delivered as long as this crisis lasts. Hackensack Medical Center has already received some of the cards  and Holy Name Hospital has been receiving multimedia presentations created by Mrs. Tomko’s classes.

This event is an important one as these doctors and nurses are the ones keeping our country going during this time of crisis. Something as simple as a thank you card can be really meaningful to these essential workers while they risk their health to help others. When asked what inspired her to start this activity, Mrs. Gagliano responded that she is “a firm believer in always supporting first responders” and states that “hospital workers hold a special place in my heart as my mom has been a nurse in a hospital for over 50 years.” 

Not only will this card-making event make thousands of our hardworking health workers smile, but it will also serve as an opportunity for students to receive volunteer hours – students will be given one hour of community service for every 5 cards they create. 

The students can submit their finished cards by creating a folder in their Google Drive and then share it  with our principal, Mr. Bott – [email protected] or email the cards directly to Mrs. Gagliano – [email protected]