Culinary Club Visits Senior Citizens

Culinary Club Visits Senior Citizens

Olivia Mistretta, Senior Editor

For this year’s Respect Week, many students found creative ways to show respect towards people in our community. For the NAHS Culinary Club and Mrs. Antosek’s culinary classes, it was making and delivering scones to the senior center at St. Paul’s church. During Respect Week, Mrs. Antosek teaches her students one of the first lessons of the year about quick breads. This year, the students learned how to make scones which were placed into bags decorated by Mrs. Antosek’s Culinary Club. The bags were stamped with little labels that the club members wrote kind and inspirational messages on in order to brighten the seniors’ days.

After the scones were bagged up and ready to go, the Culinary Club walked over to the senior center with Mrs. Antosek. The seniors were pleasantly surprised as the girls stopped by to deliver the treats, expressing their thanks and chatting with the club as they prepared to depart on the bus home. It goes to show that even a simple little gesture can brighten someone’s day and that it doesn’t take much to show some love to our town’s senior citizens.

Chelsea Garcia, a new member of the Culinary Club, emphasized the importance of the motivational labels, “The scones only last for so long so including a positive message with them is a more permanent way of brightening their day!”

Batoul Cheikhali, a returning member, enjoyed the experience very much, commenting simply, “I enjoyed seeing the smiles on their faces when we handed them the scones.”