Mamma Mia!

North Arlington High School proudly presented Mamma Mia the Musical of 2019! In this eccentric and upbeat play, the audience followed the heart-palpitating story of Sophie, a young, soon-to-be-married woman searching for her biological father. Sophie discovered her potential father to be one of three men, all of whom her mother, Donna, had been seeing at the time of her conception.

To bring the wondrous show to life at NAHS, the cast and crew of the school’s drama club came together to beautifully perform the musical. The cast spent countless evenings, diligently rehearsing lines, songs, and dance sequences while the crew spent afternoons working backstage through constructing sets and props that were essential to the musical.

At the end of every night, the audience sincerely expressed how much they enjoyed the show, and would even start dancing to the choreography of Dancing Queen. The audience clapped along to music during blackouts when crew members changed the sets and add the necessary props to the stage. The cast members added on to how interactive the show was by running offstage to be closer to the audience!

The musical proved to be a massive success at NAHS with a joyful atmosphere combined with the amazing efforts the cast and crew! Next year’s show will certainly be just as radiant and spectacular! Thank you, Mrs. Branco for making this such a memorable production.