National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2018

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2018

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Editor

Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character; these are the four pillars of the National Honor Society. A generations-old organization with chapters in all 50 states, it truly is an honor to be selected for membership. It is no different here in North Arlington High School, where all four aforementioned pillars are part of the Viking values. This year, our chapter of the honor society welcomed twenty new members into their family. The induction ceremony took place at the San Carlo Restaurant in Lyndhurst where inductees, officers, administration, faculty, and family members enjoyed a classy dinner.

Many inspirational speeches were given during dinner where the administration praised the inductees for their hard work and good character. The newly inducted officers; President Francesca Petrullo, Vice President Lauren Asuzano, Secretary Michael Awad, and Treasurer Zaeem Kahn also gave speeches about the values of NHS as well as the secretarial and treasury reports for the year. The honorary inductee this year was Mr. Blackford, a member of the Viking family since his days as a student at NAHS. Mr. Blackford was chosen by the students and certainly represents the honor society’s values well. He dedicates so much time to our school from coaching to teaching to being a patient class advisor, and the honor was well-deserved.

After the meal, the inductees excitedly donned their robes and sashes and were then called up to be officially inducted. One by one, the inductees accepted their certificates and pins and lit their candles. Once everyone was called, the President led the inductees in the binding oath that solidified their long-awaited membership. Something to remember is that the students must maintain the values of the honor society in order to keep their membership, which includes keeping their grades up and participating in service projects. Being a member is definitely a big responsibility, something to be taken very seriously.

Once the induction ceremony concluded, dessert was served and everyone buzzed about taking pictures with proud family members and staff. The new members also presented their families with a blue and white carnation to thank them for supporting them and building them into the people they are today. The dinner was a huge success once again; thanks to the incredible efforts and hard work put in by Advisor Mrs. Kusher, the officers, and our school administration. Thank you to everyone who dedicated themselves to making our night special!