Annual Tri-M Induction Ceremony 2018

Annual Tri-M Induction Ceremony 2018

Olivia Mistretta and Amanda Anzaldo

On November 20, 2018, the Modern Music Masters or Tri-M, held its 12th induction ceremony. Tri-M is the Music National Honor Society. Mr. Kastner is the Band Director and Advisor for Tri-M. Tri-M recognizes students that have worked hard academically and musically. The Modern Music Masters are middle and high school students. Tri-M members are students with good character that have excelled in their music classes. Tri-M was founded by Alexander and Frances Harley in 1936 in Park Ridge High School in Illinois. During this time, the school was about to close since it was the Great Depression. There were free concerts at the school to embrace the importance of music and to keep the school open. Throughout the years, many students have been inducted into Tri-M honor society, and the legacy of the Harleys has lived on.

Our Tri-M Honor Society induction ceremony here at North Arlington High School was definitely a wonderful night for all. There were eight inductees to Chapter 5675: Skender Capani, Jason Caputo, Ashleigh Chiang, Chelsea Garcia, Tyler Golpe, Melissa Rodriguez, Brianna Ugaz, and Kacy Willis. This year’s honorary inductee was Mrs. Paula Kowalczyk. The Tri-M officers were also officially installed into their positions: President Benjamin Soden, Vice President Shamira Contreras, Secretary Alexander Regan, Treasurer Edward Mistretta, and Historian Fallon Garretson. There were many vocal and instrumental performances by the inductees and continuing members, including group performances of the “Fanfare” that opens up the ceremony and “The Drunken Sailor”, a traditional sea shanty. Several of the officers gave speeches in between performances to talk about the meaning of Tri-M and certificates and pins were passed out for induction and continuing membership.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by the Viking Music Parents. It was a fantastic night to showcase the musical talents of North Arlington High School and experience the true spirit of music among family and friends. Congratulations to all of the members for their great talent and dedication to music! We would like to thank the administration, Mr. Kastner, the Viking Music Parents, and everyone who helped make this year’s Tri-M Induction Ceremony a success.

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