‘Modern Music Masters’ Take the Stage!

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Editor

Recently, Chapter 5675 of the Tri-M International Music Honor Society welcomed several new young talents at the annual induction ceremony. For those who are not familiar with the organization, Tri-M (which stands for ‘Modern Music Masters’) is an international music honor society that encourages young musicians to share their musical gifts with the world. North Arlington High School is proud to present new candidates every year, and during the recent 11th induction ceremony, 13 students were inducted into Tri-M.

The ceremony included very eloquent performances by the students for parents and friends in the audience. Each act had its own charm, and all of the students showed the kind of real talent that the Viking musicians are capable of. This is not surprising, though, as Tri-M members must perform an audition and meet academic criteria in order to meet the requirements to become a member.

Opening with a festive instrumental fanfare, all of the inductees showed real spirit for their music. There was a wide variety of talent on display–a trombone etude, Johnny Cash blues guitar song, flute solo, and more than one ukulele! There were also several talented vocalists, including one memorable senior who sung beautifully without any accompaniment. Afterwards everyone enjoyed refreshments generously provided by the Viking Music Parents. It was certainly pleasant to spend an evening experiencing some of the true talent that NAHS has to offer. Thank you to everyone who contributed and congratulations to all the new inductees on earning this honor!