Senior Spotlight – Amy Roufaeil


Amy Roufaeil, a senior at North Arlington High School, has just started applying to colleges. She noted that she has applied to NJIT and Rutgers University–both the Newark and New Brunswick Campuses. College Applications are tedious because a lot of information must be filled out, but there is certainly a bit of adrenaline in the sense that it is the beginning of a new experience, Amy explains. She believes that all of the workload and responsibilities she was given throughout her high school experience were able to assist her in preparing for college. 

Colleges have varying requirements for acceptance, which Amy was not too concerned about. She has met with her high school counselors on multiple occasions to receive the finest possible guidance to be able to lead her in the proper route. Amy has made the wise decision to major in Pre-med, expressing that she has always wanted to be a doctor since she was a little girl. She also mentions that following a 4 year undergraduate program, she intends to attend medical school, which will add another four years to her education. 

Amy notes that one of her best memories from high school is how supportive the Viking family is since they have always had her back. Her parents have been her strongest role models. She claims that her mother always advises her to ¨Let what you have done in one day be enough,¨ and her mother reminds her every day that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Amy is incredibly appreciative of everything she has accomplished over the past 17 years. Other than her parents, her biggest supporters, but most crucially, the Viking community, get the biggest thank-you.