Senior Artistic Spotlight: Ivanna Ramirez


Cassandra Servitis, Staff Writer

Ivanna Ramirez is a senior at North Arlington High School.  In her free time, Ivanna can be found creating art – one of her greatest passions. Ever since her sophomore year, she has been a member of the track and field team, primarily in the shotput and discus divisions.  Additionally, Ivanna took part in NA High’s very own Color Guard team, being involved during her sophomore and junior years. 

Ivanna’s passion for art started at a young age. I asked Ivanna when her interest in art started, and she reflected, “I’ve been doing art before I could even remember.”  She told me she wasn’t exactly sure what got her into art because she was very young when she started.  Despite not remembering exactly what introduced her into the art world, she was very prominent as to one of the major factors that brought her to that field: her brother. “My brother is an inspiration to me because growing up he was always drawing, which got me very interested.”  As she got older, her attraction to artistry grew with her years.  According to the artist herself, Ivanna’s most profound skills lay in illustrating people, more specifically their facial expressions and movements.  Her favorite materials to work with are a basic pencil, but on occasion, she works with pens or colored pencils when creating artwork.

Ivanna plans on taking her talent to the next level, which means making her passion her college major as well.  She expressed that she will be going to college to continue doing what she loves and improve her skills.  She told me, “I’d like to go to SVA (The School of Visual Arts)”.  Following higher education, Ivanna’s dream job is to put her skills to use as an art teacher; she wants to be able to teach others to love art as much as she does.  Ivanna certainly has a bright future ahead of her, and we wish her the best of luck in college and beyond!