Carlie Mullins: Student Spotlight

Victoria Rusman, Staff Writer

Carlie is currently a 16 year old junior at North Arlington High School. As a peer mentor, she serves as a great role model, demonstrating confidence and leadership. In the classroom, Carlie works hard, earning her the highest GPA in the junior class. In addition to dedication in the classroom, Carlie puts a tremendous amount of effort into sports all year-round. She is involved in club soccer, and she also participates in high school swimming and soccer. Last year, Carlie was awarded with a unanimous decision for first team all-league for soccer. Carlie looks forward to furthering her athletic success by trying something new this winter, and signing up for basketball.

Carlie looks forward to graduating in 2018, and moving on to the college of her dreams. Carlie hopes to help others by studying to become a physical therapist. When asked about her career aspirations, Carlie stated, “I’ve aspired to be a physical therapist ever since I went to physical therapy and saw, first hand, how much they help and positively impact the lives of patients.” Without a doubt, Carlie has a bright future ahead of her.

In weighted ranking Carlie is first.