Student Spotlight – Joanna Seca

Student Spotlight – Joanna Seca

Lauren Cross, Staff Writer

North Arlington’s senior superstar, soccer player Joanna Seca, recently had the opportunity most would consider a dream. She spent an entire month in Portugal, from August 21 to September 21 of this year, playing for the Portuguese Women’s Soccer National Team. They competed against countries from all around the world, including Israel, Estonia, and Norway. She was a starting player in all of their games, and assisted a goal in the game against Estonia with a 4-0 victory.

When interviewed about this rewarding, athletic adventure, Joanna stated, “The best part about this opportunity was getting to play soccer at the highest level and having great coaches.” She also commented on the fact that she got to eat excellent Portuguese meals every day and said,  “The way that they make it is so different and just so good.” In addition, she had the honor of meeting and talking with the Portuguese President, Anibal Cavaco Silva. She said they spoke about her experience playing for the team and its success.

Presently, Joanna is captain of the North Arlington’s girls’ varsity soccer team that has an excellent record of 9-2. She is also taking on some challenging courses here at NAHS including AP literature, chemistry 2 honors, engineering physics, and anatomy. If there’s anyone who can succeed athletically as well as academically, it’s her.

She is a true role model for everyone in the school and will continue to be for young athletes and students throughout the world. She will go on to continue her education further, and of course, play soccer at Drexel University in Pennsylvania with a partial scholarship. As one of my good friends and on behalf of the Viking Saga staff, I want to congratulate Joanna on all of her accomplishments and wish her much luck working toward her future aspirations.