Artistic Spotlight – Jessica Titterington

Artistic Spotlight – Jessica Titterington

Jeremy Nifras, Staff Writer

NAHS is home to many students of various interests and hobbies. Jessica Titterington’s passions are for the arts. Jessica is currently a junior at NAHS and ever since she was little, she was always occupied with a blank canvas in front of her, letting her creativity run wild. Jessica stated, “I just loved to be creative ever since I could hold a pencil. When I was little, I always begged my parents for attention. Nothing seemed to hold my attention more than when they sat me down in front of blank sheet of paper and some crayons.”

Jessica’s artwork spans over various settings and topics, and she looks towards music for inspiration, stating, “When I listen to a song, a color scheme, or a setting, an image appears in my mind and I have to illustrate it on paper.”

While she’s not entirely sure about her future, she stated that she would be happiest working in animation as a concept artist or storyboard writer. She plans to go to Montclair State University, but her dream school is to attend Rhode Island School of Design.

Her most memorable moments at NAHS mostly involve her time in the drama club and school band as she stated, “Practicing with the marching band and staying late to decorate sets for drama club productions are where the best memories come from.”  She described how proud she is to be a Viking due to the school’s overwhelming sense of pride in everything that she’s interested in.  Jessica closed by stating, “The community is very supportive and the friends you make are absolutely irreplaceable.” Jessica will always have the support of her teachers, friends, and neighbors in North Arlington as she pursues her dreams.