Wheels vs Doors?


Image Credit: rawpixel.com

Ryan Nixon presented the notion of asking a debate topic on the social media network known as Twitter. While the issue was as straightforward as it appears, the debate quickly expanded across many additional social media platforms, as well as in other settings such as classrooms. The question is: Are there more wheels or doors in the world? Which do you believe? 

Despite the fact that this was a simple question, many individuals opted to think about it and began debating the ratio of automobile wheels to car doors.

 While the dispute raged, UPS decided to count all of the doors and wheels on its fleet of planes and delivery vehicles, declaring that the wheels had won, “We counted the doors and wheels on all 127k+ of our vehicles to settle this,” the firm said. Many other people have made the decision to compare minor things in the world with a vast quantity. Hair strands, for example, are compared to grains of sand.

 So what team are you on? #Teamwheels or #TeamDoors!