Namesdays Celebrations

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Happy New Year! As we approach the end of the first month of 2022, I would like to share something that I’ve noticed isn’t very popular in today’s society. Especially with it being such a simple and fun experience.

The thing I am talking about is a Namesday. Now, you may be wondering, “Adam, what in the world is a Namesday?”. Well, it is a specified day given to people of a certain name to celebrate! However, you might be thinking “But Adam, there are millions of names, how are all the names going to have a day to call their own?”. The answer to that is that you are right, not each name will have a specified day. However, one can take certain steps to find out when and how they can celebrate their Namesday.

First of all, to locate your Namesday, you should look at a calendar specifically made to include Namesdays. These are most common in Eastern Europe where this tradition is still moderately celebrated. Second, you should check to see if the country of your ethnic background has a specific calendar tailored to the most common names in that country. Third, if you cannot find your Namesday on a calendar anywhere in the world, congratulations! You should be honored to be so unique! However, if you still want to celebrate, you can always choose any day within the entire year and let loose! If you do find your name on a calendar, then all you have to do is wait until that day comes and celebrate!

You still might be wondering what goes on during a Namesday, and here is your answer. Basically, a Namesday is like a second birthday. You can celebrate with family, friends, or even people with the same name as you. Typically people receive gifts on their Namesday that are often quite amorous. These gifts might include an assortment of flowers (most typically roses) and lots and lots of chocolate. There aren’t any specific rules to celebrating a Namesday as long as you are having fun and enjoying your second special day.

If this sounds like a great time to you, then I truly do hope you celebrate! I would hate to see such a lovely tradition die out. In a world that celebrates so much already (like International Coffee Day which is on October 1st), why not add your Namesday to the list? With no restrictions and no mandatory obligations to participate (other than having a name LOL), I see no reason not to celebrate an extra day of the year. Make sure to spread the word people, because honestly, who doesn’t love to party, especially when it’s all about them?