LGBTQ+ Summit

LGBTQ+ Summit

Emily Irizarry, Senior Staff Writer

In October, the Gay-Straight Alliance had the chance to visit Bergen Community College in Paramus to attend an LGBTQ+ summit. Various GSA clubs from Bergen County were invited to actively participate and learn about the leadership role that every GSA takes in their school.

We were treated with pastries and soft drinks for breakfast once we arrived. Then, we were divided into 5 groups as the event coordinator gave us topics to brainstorm along with scenarios to resolve. While in the groups, I, alongside other members of our school’s GSA created new friendships.

As the event continued, we had a guest speaker, Raphael Miranda. Miranda is an openly gay meteorologist for NBC. He told us about his experience growing up in a society that did not accept the LGBTQ+ community as much as now. He answered questions from the audience and gave advice about personal experiences.

This summit was a unique opportunity to meet and interact with other members of GSAs. Many participants viewed this summit as a safe haven for students to openly express their viewpoints.