Bullet Journals and My Experience

Stephanie Zhang, Staff Writer

Whether it’s on YouTube, Pinterest, or your Instagram feed, you’ve all probably seen something called a “bullet journal” floating around. Usually, it’s a picture or video of an open notebook that looks like a fancy, DIY, planner spread. Either way, what you’re looking at is something called a bullet journal. This method of planning was created by Ryder Carroll, as a way for you to plan for the future, track the past, and stay organized in the present. A general bullet journal consists of an index, monthly pages, daily pages, and a future log.

A cool thing about bullet journals is that they are very versatile. Since you’re designing it yourself, you get to create your ideal planner. You can add as many things as you want to spice it up, or as little. It’s your choice. Need a place for your shopping list? Write it down in your bullet journal. Want to keep a record of your habits? Create a habit tracker. Unlike a planner, you can adjust your bullet journal to fit all of your needs.

I have been bullet journaling since the beginning of this school year. Other than the basics, I use it as a planner to record my homework and keep track of my habits. I also keep a running playlist in my weekly spreads of songs I like so I can look back and see my music tastes. In addition, creating each spread in my bullet journal can help me feel more relaxed and allows me to express myself creatively without making a big mess. Since starting my bullet journal, I feel like I am becoming more organized.