Tom Brady is Back

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After less than 2 months of announcing his retirement, Tom Brady is coming back for his 23rd NFL season. According to Brady, he came to realize that he still belongs on the field and not in the stands. This news certainly shocked the world of sports entertainment. 

His “unretirement” is great for everyone, except one unlucky fan. When Tom Brady retired, one fan bid on the football that was used for his “final” touchdown pass. However, because Brady is coming back, this ball lost its worth since it’s no longer the final pass for Tom Brady. The football was auctioned off at $518,628. 

This historical piece of sports collectibles was worth so much because this was the game where Tampa Bay beat the LA Rams in their home game. Because Brady decided to come out of retirement just 8-weeks after announcing it, this means that this football doesn’t have the same value, as Brady has come back and will most likely make history once again. 

Tom Brady is ready to come back for his 23rd NFL season better than ever. Brady says he has unfinished business, and with his 7 championship wins, he will continue to prove that he is still the Greatest of All Time.