NAHS Cheering Team’s Success

NAHS Cheering Teams Success

The NAHS competition cheerleading team has started, giving athletes an opportunity to become a part of a cheer team once again. The winter team brings a whole new level of competitiveness to the sport. Extensive amounts of time and skill are dedicated to the activity, allowing those who are more involved in the sport to shine. 

So far the NAHS team has secured 2 wins out of 3 total competitions. The current coaches are Kristina Eng and Jordan Cavallaro. This year the team varies from freshman to junior students who have competed in places such as Lyndhurst, Secaucus, and Wayne Valley. Captains this year include Sarah Karcic, Kaitlyn Hladek, Melina Beltran, and Alex Nogueras. Share your support by attending the non restricted competitions throughout the duration of the season!