Bowling Season 2019-20


Brian Kataro, Assistant Editor

Compared to last year, the bowling team gained many more players, expanding both the varsity and junior varsity (JV) players. The varsity team, containing returning players Trent Petito, Rahul Patel, and Peyton Esposito, also saw the appearance of senior Mike Cortellino who quickly became an integral part of the team, as well as the occasional JV players of Jimmy Pizzuta, Brian Kataro, and Simon Major. JV also saw a rise of newcomers, showcasing Dhruvil Desai, Joe Digregorio, Sean Morawski, Fausto Martinez, Emmanuel Reyes, and Mark Barbosa, plus returning senior Maverick Josloff.

In terms of games, the team came just shy of victory. The qualifying tournament for states saw the team place fourth in their section, missing the cutoff of the top two teams by a slim margin following a strong final game. The regional tournament, whose victor was between NA and Wallington, saw NA in the lead for the final game but requiring a sweep to ensure victory. Versing Wood-Ridge in the final game, NA won the first two rounds but barely missed a third game by a margin of 18 mins, giving way to Wallington’s victory. Overall, however, the Viking’s 15-3 record is nothing to scoff at.

Of course, no team could go without a leader, and Coach Farinola certainly fills that position. Throughout the season, Coach Farinola has offered his tips, tricks, and guidance to the players in order to help them bowl their best – undoubtedly, Coach Farinola has certainly made a difference in performance. We hope for another great season next year!