The Benefits of Sewing

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Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

According to Forbes, a study conducted by the Association of Creative Industries found that nearly two thirds or 62% of American households participate in at least one crafting hobby with 39% of them participating in more than one craft. One of these crafting hobbies include the act of sewing including making clothes, embroidery, quilting, and much more. Many people consider sewing a fun pastime or an activity which is used for practical reasons but no matter how someone views the hobby it is impossible to deny its benefits. 

The act of sewing can reduce stress and improve mental health. CNN found that crafts, including sewing, release dopamine in the brain and as a result make those completing the craft happier than they were prior to the act. It was also found that crafts, once again including sewing, improve efficiency and make individuals more enthused about projects or responsibilities.

Sewing, specifically embroidery, is beneficial to the environment. Hand embroidery supplies, such as needles and hoops, can be reused for years which prevents these tools from ending up in landfills across the world. Additionally, the threads that are used are commonly made of natural materials and can be dyed through natural means depending on the company producing them. On another note, if someone uses sewing to repurpose fabrics, it benefits the environment by keeping the fabric away from waterways and other natural landforms. 81%, or about 21 billion pounds of clothing go to American landfills each year. This number could be reduced if people start reusing these fabrics to make new items. 

Sewing has many benefits which differ depending on the individual but no matter what the circumstance may be, it would be a lie to claim that sewing has more disadvantages than advantages. The next time you’re at your local craft store consider picking up some fabric and thread and maybe learning a new hobby.