Never Let Me Go – Book Review

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Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro follows Kathy as she reconnects with friends, Tommy and Ruth, from her past. She grew up at an isolated English boarding school called Hailsham where the truth of the outside world was hidden from its students until they graduated. Join Kathy as she and her friends figure out their place in the world around them, rekindle a friendship once lost, and relive memories of a time when their innocence was still preserved.

Ishiguro does a fantastic job at bringing the reader into the story and making the reader immersed in the world. The narrative explores human psychology and the concept of collateral damage. Ishiguro presents the reader with the question of: How much are they willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of the population?

Overall, I recommend this novel to anyone that enjoys a dystopian book with hints of science fiction. The newly created world that  Ishiguro introduces is presented effortlessly and enhances the reading experience. Never Let Me Go is sure to engage readers for many years to come and will remain a work which is often referred to as a thought provoking novel.