OMORI: A Story of Friendship, Fear and Emotion

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Gina Gugliuzza, Staff Writer

Released on December 25, 2020, OMORI is a psychological horror, adventure RPG (Role Playing Game) that takes players through a journey that assesses the values of friendship. The game’s protagonist, Sunny, struggles to overcome his fears as he prepares to move away from his hometown. OMORI is available on Stream and coming soon to Nintendo Switch; playing similarly to the earlier games within the Pokémon franchise as well as Undertale and Deltarune.

OMORI’s battle mechanics center around emotions, with certain feelings being stronger than others during fights. Emotion plays an important role in the game’s story, as the characters strive to overcome their bad feelings revolving around a tragic event that took place years prior to the story. Sunny is consistently followed by a figure throughout his day-to-day life he calls “Something” as a result. Before he moves away, Sunny must conquer his biggest fear and shed his lifelong burden in order to get rid of this “Something” once and for all.

The game’s horrors truly shine through as Sunny faces his fears, such as a fear of heights, fear of deep water, etc. When the player confronts these fears in-game, it results in a battle sequence portraying the fear in question as a large, shadow-esque monster. In order to defeat the monster and overcome his fear, Sunny must use skills such as “Calm Down”, “Persist” and “Focus”. These battle sequences give the player insight into what it must be like to be Sunny, or to be anyone with these fears. The immersive experience makes for heavily influential storytelling.

In order for Sunny and his friends to make amends and overcome the past, they must navigate through the ups and downs of life and friendship in just 4 days before Sunny leaves his hometown. OMORI is a game different from what’s popular in the mainstream gaming scene, introducing storytelling elements different from the average RPG, putting players on an unforgettable journey.