Tesla Take Away Privacy


Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Gloria Perez, Senior Editor

With gas prices going sky high, many people are resorting to electric cars to save money. Some people also like the idea of letting a car drive itself, while they can just sit back and relax. One brand that has both these features is Tesla. The brand has many different models and its “self-driving” features allows people to really enjoy their ride. However, many Tesla drivers and The New York Times are claiming that this feature is taking away people’s privacy. 

According to many Tesla drivers, after turning on the “self-driving” feature, everything a person does to the car is tracked and others can see it. According to CNN, many Tesla drivers have to give up some privacy if they want to use the “self-driving” option on their Tesla. After turning on this option, the car’s location is tracked. The New York Times reviewer John Broder agreed with this fact after security expert Bruce Schneier was able to see everything the driver did while they were in the car. 

Schneier noted that he was able to see what the Broder’s car temperature was, the car’s speed, and the littlest detail that he drove the car in circles when the battery was dying. This proves that Tesla drivers do lose their privacy. Even though people sacrifice some of their privacy, Teslas are still popular because of advanced technology.