No Toys for Christmas?


Image Credit: Flickr

Gloria Perez, Senior Editor

As the holiday season nears its end, many people are rushing to stores to get last minute toys they need for Christmas. Many stores such as Target and Walmart are always jam packed during the holidays because everyone is trying to get the newest toys and games. However, this year items such as toys and many other things are still on cargo ships, and many people are losing out on what they’ll need for the holiday season. 

Since July, shops have been urging parents to go out and buy whatever is on their children’s Christmas list as supplies will  not last. This explains the phenomenon, “Christmas in July,” wherein Black Friday deals became available on online stores months before the actual “Black Friday.” 

The motto for this year has been to “buy it before Thanksgiving” but every year countless people wait until the very last week to purchase toys and other gifts. One of the major issues this holiday season has been the global shortage of supplies all across the United States and the world. This colossal shortage is sure to affect many parents.

Since there is a possibility of not finding their children’s favorite toys, parents must be creative, think about the likes and dislikes of their children and find replacement toys that they will surely enjoy. Lucky early shoppers probably were happy to secure everything on their children’s wish list; nonetheless, toys – desired or not – are sure to bring smiles to youngsters all over the world for sure! Now the wrapping begins!