The World of Squishmallows


Image Credit: @Squishmallows on Twitter

Pegi Bracaj, Staff Writer

Squishmallows – the soft and huggable toys that people won’t stop talking about. Whether you have encountered these squishy creatures at Costco or you have seen them on TikTok, you have probably wondered why so many people are going crazy over them. Well, the first time that these squishy toys hit the shelves was in 2017 and now, four years later, almost every young person owns at least one. In fact, in the span of three years, the company has sold more than 50 million Squishmallows. 

But what’s the deal with these Squishmallows? Not only are they incredibly soft, but at the same time, they are also chemical-free. Likewise, they are not flame retardant, which is a good thing because many flame retardants have shown to cause cancer and other health problems. The company has also found a way to attract the public even more through its character-inspired Squishmallows such as the Star Wars-inspired set. Specifically, the most popular Squishmallow of 2021 is “Baby Yoda The Child”  – a Squishmallow that resembles the famous character in Star Wars known as Baby Yoda. In fact, this is also my favorite Squishmallow of all time. Furthermore, worth noting is that many people have also obtained fairly large collections of Squishmallows

These collections consist of many exclusive and limited edition Squishmallows. In particular, the rarest Squishmallow is known as Jack the Black Cat. With only 500 made, Jack the Black cat is an all-black cat that comes with an exclusive heart-shaped “500” tag that is gold. Needless to say, this has caused these products to be in and out of stock on a daily basis. Now, the good news is that Squishmallows aren’t going away anytime soon because the company actually releases different Squishmallows every month. In actuality, due to high demand, Kellytoy, the company that produces squishmallows, releases a new series of characters every month. For instance, this upcoming summer, the company has announced a new collection of Squishmallows that resemble characters of famous superheroes.