Spring Break Concerns


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Gloria Perez, Staff Writer

During the school year, one of the many things students look forward to are the breaks they get from their studies. One break that students are always excited about is their spring break. Activities that students enjoy during this time off of school include traveling, spending time with family and friends, and keeping their eyes off of textbooks.

Depending on the level of education the student is in, everyone’s spring break experience is different. Elementary students hear “spring break” and think of Easter. College students hear “spring break” and think of partying and vacation – this has caused a lot of controversy on the pros and cons of spring break. Because of the current pandemic, students must be extra careful while on break. Despite the precautions being taken, there were still conflicts that occurred due to the time off given to students.

One of the major problems that was caused by “Spring Breakers” occurred in South Beach. Because of all the partying and the chaos, young girls were getting hurt, a lot of fights broke out, and clubs were overcrowded. The Washington Post explained that restaurants were turned inside and out because of fighting customers. Reasons for these conflicts began with young people acting out of character. 

Continuing on, another beach that was overwhelmed with “Spring Breakers” was Miami Beach. Because of the copious amounts of activity, Miami had to order an emergency shut down — The police had to step in and get people off of the beach. People still, however, continued to disobey the curfew, take their masks off, and not follow the social distancing guidelines. Some Californian universities even tried to convince their students to just stay home and have fun in their local places instead of traveling. 

All of the problems that took place during Spring Break 2021 have caused many people to question whether or not students should continue to have spring break. Many are saying that it would cause fewer problems while also helping contain COVID-19. Others comment that Spring Break is needed for students to get a break from staring at a screen all day for weeks on end. It is still, however, a hotly debated issue. 

One of the preventive measures that many schools are taking is to require remote learning the week after spring break.