Did Tom Brady Rig Super Bowl LV?


Image Credit: NFL.com

Gloria Perez, Staff Writer

Super Bowl LV was another win for future hall-of-fame quarterback Tom Brady. But did he really win the game or did he have it handed to him? People have been speculating that Brady rigged the Super Bowl. Rumors say that he planned to pay 1.8 million dollars to make sure the Buccaneers won the game. A lot of football fans are wondering if the coaches had something to do with it. Fans are beginning to point fingers at Clyde Christensen, Tom Brady’s coach, speculating that he had something to do with the Buccaneers’ win. According to Sportscasting.com, Brady and Christensen plotted out the plan to ensure that Brady got his seventh ring. Brady was also accused of making bets to pay off his win. 

Brady made a bet with his coaches that if he was able to make a rushing yard run, he would get $180 each time if he did. Chief fans also attacked Brady’s former coach on social media. They blamed the coaches for ensuring the Buccaneers’ win. People began to say these things because of the way the game went. People are now saying that the Chiefs were purposely messing up their plays. Patrick Mahomes was struggling to make passes, and when he made the passes, the ball was slipping out of the players hands, and many of the Chiefs kept falling and flags were always being thrown at them. Why would a team purposely lose a game that is so vital to its legacy and American culture? Others are saying that the Buccaneers plotted out ways to rig the Super Bowl. This is how people are saying the plan went:

Buccaneers path to a rigged Super Bowl:

  • Versed a 7-9 Football Team + Brady got outplayed Taylor Heinicke 
  • Washed Drew Brees (3 INT)+Brady got saved by his defense
  • Brady got outplayed by Rodgers and saved by defense+Refs
  • Refs are clearly rigging this game

Fans are saying that Brady constantly got an advantage throughout the football season to win this year’s Super Bowl. Many people are also blaming Rob Gronkowski. Brady brought Gronkowski out of retirement, and people are speculating that he did this purposely to get this seventh ring. Some people are defending Brady saying that he deserved his win while others are saying that he did not go through with the plan. Many fans bring up Super Bowl XLVIII, where the Patriots deflated footballs in order to secure a win against the Seattle Seahawks. 

 Did the Buccaneers really win the Super Bowl, or was it all a setup plotted by Brady and NFL coaches? Football fans continue to speculate about the outcome of Super Bowl LV due to many alleged factors of bribery and the result of the game.