Face Masks in the Fashion World


Phot Credit: etsy.me

Talayeh Aviles, Staff Writer

When Covid-19 first hit the United States, many people swarmed to stores to buy surgical masks in bulk. But as the pandemic slowly became a constant presence in everyone’s daily lives, people became more fixated on buying masks. They have now started to purchase unique facial masks that make a statement. For many, it kills two birds with one stone: staying fashionable while still being safe!

Today, facial masks come in all shapes and styles. Some people reference their favorite show on their masks, while others have gone as far as to advertise their political beliefs! Several companies have also taken note of the rise of mask fashion and have decided to hop on the bandwagon too. Famous companies such as Gucci and Fendi have started to create their own masks. However, their prices may seem extreme as many have a starting price of $100. 

Are fashion face masks truly worthy of their cost? That’s up to each one of us to decide. I believe that most people are focused more on protection from Covid-19 rather than being fashionable. Nonetheless, no one should be judgmental about what kind of masks folks are wearing – it should be solely a personal choice.

Masks have slowly merged their way into pop culture. Over the span of the rest of this pandemic, don’t be surprised if masks continue to appear everywhere. If anything, we may start to see fashion shows solely dedicated to masks!