Nintendo Switch – Rune Factory 4

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Elyssa Veluz, Staff Writer

Nintendo Switch games are extremely popular, especially now with the new social scene created due to COVID-19. Multiple games in Gamestop or online are sold out with many people panic buying. This includes SD cards and many more Nintendo Switch items. With many great games to play to subdue our boredom, games such as Animal Crossing and Fairy Tail are perfect. They are time-consuming, which is ideal for playing long hours. However, among all the games that came out, one stands out.

Rune Factory 4 is a hidden gem among the Nintendo Switch’s catalog of games. With a perfect mixture of farming, action, and romance, the game will easily make you addicted. Even if you are not a fan of farming, this game has other aspects to focus on which still makes it engaging. The storyline of this game is incredible as it keeps you on your toes while inching towards its final boss. It never fails to entertain people and the emotional dialogue makes it seem real. With a total of 3 arcs, the plot of the game in sections, each one will take you at least 10-20 hours. In order to complete these arcs, you first have to follow their storylines. As you read through the dialogue/story, you will need to travel to special locations and save multiple characters, as well as defeat various enemies. 

When the player begins the game, they meet a dragon named Venti, who explains what the player can do – including farming and gaining princess points. While farming is easy to understand, princess points are gained by completing quests and talking to the villagers. Once enough princess points are gained, the players can do things such as expand their home and obtain recipes, medicines, and crafting licenses. 

Additionally, the characters are well thought out and unique. When the player “romances” a character, once they gain enough “hearts” with them, there is an option to marry certain characters. Some, however, are not able to be married until the second arc is complete. As for the main storyline, there are places you must visit, and within these places are monster bosses that need to be defeated. After defeating each one of them, they will turn into a human, adding a new twist to the classic “beat the monster to win” trope. As you progress through the game, enemies become more and more powerful. Once locations begin brimming with powerful monsters, it is essential that the player bring food and medicine to survive. There are also special events that take place during the game, such as the defluffing festival or the bean toss challenge, among many more. 

This game is different from the many others that I have played, given its wide range of things to do. The style, gameplay, and genre of the game are perfect for anyone who likes farming, action, and romance. It is definitely worth trying to play the game as it incorporates the genres of multiple games that are not seen together too often.