First Presidential Debate of 2020


Jim Watson- Getty Images

Gerard Nifras, Staff Writer

The event of the decade that has been highly anticipated has finally come to pass. All eyes were glued and captivated on screens as the first presidential debate for the 2020 election invaded headlines, including this one! Everyone waited for the fate of the United States as the two presidential candidates stated their platforms and their individual progress to stop the contagious spread of the coronavirus. All viewers had high expectations of Biden and Trump as they clamored for the top spot while maintaining their respect and status.

As I was watching the debate, I was horrified. The candidates seemed cordial and nuanced when introduced but they transitioned into abrasive, cantankerous children trying to drown the other in a swimming pool. Trump, in particular, launches insults on Biden in the middle of his claims, calling him “the lowest of his class” and references his deck of cards like Dr. Fauci and the contrasting democratic party praising his efforts. Biden, meanwhile, calls President Trump “man” casually and laughs at him as if swatting a fly off his shoulder while saying the infamous “Will you just shush for a minute.” Biden even calls him a “liar” when President Trump teases his progress with the vaccine. 

Ultimately, both candidates continue to bicker and laugh at each other’s supposed flaws as Chris Wallace, the debate moderator, gets closer to yelling at the candidates on national television. Trump and Biden emphasize their abrasiveness more than their platforms and plans against the virus, a gruesome irony from a viewer’s perspective. 

From what I have observed, I can merely infer what each candidate stands for from the opposing candidate’s insults about the other. For instance, Biden references Trump talking about his Health Care plan intended to terminate Obamacare and references him not taking actions or in Trump’s words, “not worrying the country (the US).” Meanwhile, Trump mentions Biden threatening to close the country again despite being “weeks away from the vaccine” and “far fewer people are dying” under his command, something that Biden would never do in his opinion. In other words, Trump wants to reopen the economy and attempt to make a health care plan while Biden wants to close the economy so money can accumulate once businesses open again. 

Either way, in between the bitter exchange of insults and the moderator’s  countless “Mr. President?” remarks, the first presidential debate candidly set an abominable image for both candidates and phenomenally disgraced the US as a whole. In the vice presidential debate or the next presidential debate, we could expect increased power for moderators and better rules so candidates can effectively voice their grievances and platforms without being interrupted by their opponents.