Mario Kart Tour App

Amanda Anzaldo, Staff Writer

Last September, Nintendo released a new game called Mario Kart Tour. The game puts a modern twist on the classic Mario Kart game. The game has become very popular among Mario fans. Even people that haven’t played the original game are interested. The beauty of Mario Kart Tour is that the app is free, which attracts many new players.

One thing that players were shocked to find is that Luigi, Mario’s sidekick, is not an option to race with. This upset me because Luigi is usually my go to character for racing. However, old favorites return such as Mario, Toad, and Princess Peach. Many players experienced some memories once they started racing on the courses. Rainbow Road, Koopa Troopa Beach, and Bowser’s Castle are all courses that have been featured in other games. An addition to the game is that cities have tours, and there are courses for cities such as New York City and Tokyo. This exposes players to get an idea of what the cities are like in real life.

Gerard Nifras, who has been playing the game for a few weeks says “The controls are much easier in the app. Playing the game has brought back some nostalgia.” Umair Khan, who has also been playing the game says, “The game is so popular and I like how it exposes players to other cultures around the world. I am looking forward to multiplayer modes so I can race my friends.” I can’t wait for the app to update so we can see what comes next for the tour!