Internet Censorship

Amanda Anzaldo, Staff Writer

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Over the years, YouTube has become immensely popular with the younger generation. YouTube is a great resource because you can listen to music, learn new things, and even keep up with current events worldwide. However, some negative trends that have spread on YouTube are the infamous internet challenges. Most of these challenges are dangerous and many people who try them often get seriously injured. While viewers find it entertaining to watch a YouTuber choke on a Tide Pod or fall down during the Bird Box challenge, there needs to be action taken to prevent more people from doing these challenges and getting hurt. Many kids don’t understand the severity of doing these challenges. Younger children see Tide Pods and think that they are safe to eat since the videos go viral. Other YouTubers, such as Jake Paul, have tried the Bird Box challenge where you are blindfolded to see if you can survive. Paul drove his car and walked into traffic blindfolded. Thankfully he did not get hurt, but there were many other young people that suffered from serious injuries while attempting this challenge and others.

After seeing the problem, YouTube has removed most of the videos that encourage dangerous challenges. Videos with dangerous, violent, or inappropriate content have all been banned. When most YouTubers make their videos, they don’t remember the fact that people of all ages are watching. Kids look up to popular YouTubers, and they will follow their example. If someone posts a video that is dangerous, inappropriate, or violent, then the YouTube team will take down the video and warn the user.

To me, it is just common sense to not eat something that is used for doing laundry. It also doesn’t make sense to me when I see people engaging in these challenges because it is a known fact that the challenges will not end well. It takes a lot of a person’s attention to operate a car safely, and you shouldn’t restrict your vision. It is also upsetting to see what people are doing these days to entertain themselves and others. In the long run, it isn’t entertaining to be unable to heal from a life-threatening injury, and it definitely isn’t entertaining to watch someone die.

Most people will learn the difficult way that internet challenges are unsafe when they are sent to hospitals for treatment. Some people will continue to take part in the internet challenges even after they are hospitalized. I think it was a smart idea for YouTube to ban these dangerous videos and other social media should do the same.


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