Sims 4 Review

Sims 4 Review

Nicole Duffett, Staff Writer

The Sims 4 is a part of a series of life-simulation video games. Throughout the years, the series has experienced immense success and has quickly become beloved by its players worldwide.

To add on to their success and to rake in more revenue, the developers of this series consistently come out with “expansion packs,” which are basically downloadable extensions to the game. These expansion packs come with new in-game content for players, making the video game much more fun and unique.

As of late, The Sims 4, the latest installment to the Sims series, got a brand new expansion pack! This expansion pack, “Get Famous,” was released worldwide last November.

Now, the expansion pack’s contents are focused on, as its title implies, becoming famous. It comes with new career paths, like an interactive acting career! It also gives players a wide variety of customization options for their in-game characters, “Sims,” and their Sims’ homes. On top of that, this pack additionally comes with a new world for Sims to live and explore in, “Del Sol Valley!”

With so many new options and opportunities, this pack should definitely be checked out by players. It appears as though it will be a lot of fun!